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PICM Awards

//PICM Awards

Each job makes sense, especially when it is done with passion. It is all the more nice when someone notices it and believes that it was needed and brought something new to the widely understood practice or science. Therefore, we cordially invite you to participate and apply for the PICM prizes!


„Awards and distinctions are just a nice addition to job satisfaction. It makes you realize why we do it and why.“

Magda Umer

Credit Management Champion

for outstanding personal achievement in credit risk management

OTC Excellence Award

for outstanding team achievements in credit risk management

Credit Management Person of the Year

for outstanding personal contribution to the development of the credit risk management industry

Credit Management Company of the Year

for the company’s outstanding contribution to the development of the credit risk management industry

Applicants for the Credit Management Champion and OTC Excellence Award must be current PICM Associate (PICMa) members.

Awards' Jury

Your competition applications are assessed by the jury, i.e. the Awards’ Jury. The jury is composed primarily of members of the PICM Advisory Council together with the founder of the PICM. Each time, after successive editions of the PICM Awards, the Awards’ Jury is enlarged by the prize winners.

Artur Hołda

Chairman of the PICM Advisory Council

Piotr Rybicki

PICM Advisory Council

Małgorzata Banaszczyk

PICM Advisory Council

Krzysztof Chechłacz

PICM Advisory Council

Robert Dyrcz, PICM

PICM Founder & CEO


Please contact us if you have any questions:


Robert Dyrcz, PICM

tel. +48 600 093 372