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Effective credit risk analysis is, as never before, an extremely complex process. Before granting a trade credit, we take into account a number of internal factors (e.g. payment history) and external factors (such as financial data of contractors and external macroeconomic data). In a world where information is excess, it seems crucial to choose the most important one and draw conclusions from it correctly.

The Credit Manager Magazine quarterly helps you notice the most important trends of the Polish and world economy, make a good assessment and draw conclusions that will minimize the costs of uncollectible receivables. Reading Credit Manager Magazine helps in professional development and maintaining the usual curiosity of the world, necessary for the work of every Credit Manager. We invite you to read!


Over 1000 readers of each issue cannot be wrong – the only magazine in Poland for managers of trade credit in an enterprise


Interesting analyzes with an unconventional view of economic events, interesting topics and a broad view of the economy


Discussion of the most important issues related to the work of specialists and managers managing trade credit risk


A look at the full scope of the process from order to payment from the customer (Order-to-Cash), including legal issues and the business environment

Below you can find the online version of the quarterly for reading – the English part is in the second half of the magazine


JUNE 2020

MARCH 2020


MAY 2019



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