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Receivables are one of the key economic concepts and the category to be measured in the accounting system. Receivables belong to the group of assets very susceptible to impairment due to the constant risk of default by unreliable contractors. From the point of view of the company – the seller, trade credit is an important instrument in the struggle for the customer – the seller strives to achieve an increase in the number of customers, consolidate customer loyalty, increase market share and, as a result, maximize profits by offering attractive terms of settlement.

Trade receivables are a significant part of every enterprise’s assets. They usually account for around 30-40% of the balance sheet total. Competent employees of the financial departments responsible for controlling trade credit are an indispensable part of the team of any enterprise. Their task is to prevent payment blockages – a challenge and a constant problem for many companies.


Delays in payment of recipients very often cause that the creditor cannot fulfill its current obligations and loses financial liquidity.

The Polish Institute Credit Management Foundation (PICM) is a platform for exchanging experience and gaining knowledge in the field of effective and wise trade credit risk management.

PICM transfers knowledge and creates opportunities that benefit both employees of finance departments with less and greater experience, in companies of all sizes and all industries.

PICM is part of FECMA, or the Federation of European Credit Management Associations (FECMA), which aims to promote best practices by creating a common platform for sharing knowledge and experience. Today, it is a network of around 50,000 Credit Managers community, including from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Russia, Spain and Great Britain.

Each employer has in mind to provide his employees with the development of the best current knowledge and the highest quality qualifications. To achieve this, an interesting training program is necessary, which at the same time will motivate to further development and also provide real added value for the company’s operations. The unique offer of the Polish Institute of Credit Management in the field of credit risk management in an enterprise is based on modern theory and the experience of the lecturers. PICM offers a unique combination of full theoretical knowledge with an emphasis on practical application.


In everyday work, among the struggles with unreliable payers, we often do not realize how important it is to look at our responsibilities from the side, see a different perspective or the value that an interesting conversation can bring. We don’t have to knock the door open and reinvent the wheel. How to do it? All you have to do is participate in the CREDIT CLUB PICM program. This offer is dedicated to trade credit risk managers, including training sessions, workshops and meetings to establish valuable professional contacts. All this to wisely find a balance between credit risk and sales. Give you knowledge, competences and tools to be even better in the profession you are now doing.

Credit Manager Magazine

The Credit Manager Magazine quarterly is an interesting analysis with an unconventional view on economic events, interesting topics and a broad view on the economy. This is a discussion of the most important issues related to the work of specialists and managers managing trade credit risk. This look at the full scope of the process from order to payment from the customer (Order-to-Cash), including legal issues and the business environment.

Credit Risk conference

CreditRisk is a presentation of the latest trends, methods and practices of trade credit risk management in enterprises. The event is a unique opportunity to confront your knowledge with the experience of credit risk management practitioners from both Polish and international corporations. When discussing the entire O2C process (order-to-cash) in an enterprise, the substantive scope emphasizes activities aimed at minimizing the creation of difficult and uncollectible receivables. The addressees of the conference are company owners, experts and management staff in the area of credit risk management.


The Polish Institute of Credit Management perfectly understands that the best training is not only decent content, but also something more. Reliable determination of training needs, high-quality teaching methodology, in-depth knowledge of current market trends and their impact on the functioning of enterprises, market analyzes, good relations and high commitment of the lecturers are all necessary components of successful training.

PICM webinars

Webinar is a type of online seminar conducted and implemented using webcast technology, which enables two-way communication between the meeting leader and participants, using virtual tools.

PICM webinars are an excellent complement to traditional trainings and CREDIT CLUB PICM meetings, and their availability in the presentation “on request” means that participants have free access to the transmitted content and can play it any number of times.

PICM webinars save time. Participants can choose the most convenient training time for them, which can also be attended by those who could not participate in the traditional CREDIT CLUB PICM meeting.

Cooperation with PICM

We are open to cooperation with companies, organizations or people who want to accomplish our mission and goals with us.

We will gladly take patronage of the event whose subject is within the statutory purposes of PICM.

We will establish cooperation with independent or institutional experts in credit risk management, receivables, financial analysis and business trainers.

If you are interested in cooperation, please contact:

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