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PICM webinars

//PICM webinars

Webinar is a type of online seminar conducted and implemented using webcast technology, which enables two-way communication between the meeting leader and participants, using virtual tools.

PICM webinars are an excellent complement to traditional trainings and CREDIT CLUB PICM meetings, and their availability in the presentation “on request” means that participants have free access to the transmitted content and can play it any number of times.

PICM webinars save time. Participants can choose the most convenient training time for them, which can also be attended by those who could not participate in the traditional CREDIT CLUB PICM meeting.


You can ask questions and get answers immediately – the speaker is at your disposal


Much cheaper than traditional trainings – you save on travel, meals or accommodation


You can take part from anywhere – from your home, office or hotel where you spend your vacation


You quickly and cheaply improve your qualifications and increase your chances of promotion

Please refer to the Polish versionof PICM website for invitations to the upcoming webinars and video reports from previous ones – selected sessions are conducted in English