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PICM Corporate Partners

Serrala is a global financial automation and B2B payments software company creating more secure payment capabilities worldwide for enterprises of all sizes. We are a leading fintech pushing the boundaries of finance software by integrating finance and treasury into one central ecosystem for corporate payments – the “Universe of Payments”.

Today, Serrala is a fast-growing company with offices in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East and over 700 employees. Serrala drives innovation for more than 2,800 customers include almost 22% of the S&P500 companies.

Baker Ing represent a consortium of independent Credit Directors who we support within our global collections infrastructure, encompassing end-to-end receivables management.

Our purpose is to deliver the kinds of services, best practice and insights which our people feel is often sorely lacking from traditional collections agencies, and in turn, that makes them wholly unsuitable for the kinds of high-value and highly-sensitive receivables our clients work with us to deliver.

RiskMan is a professional insurance broker, a leading specialist in trade receivables insurance in Poland. Employing several dozen employees (including licensed brokers), it supports several hundred receivables insurance policies. RiskMan belongs to the International Credit Brokers Alliance (ICBA).

RiskMan combines unique knowledge and business experience with professional customer service. RiskMan always provides the highest quality of services offered, adapting them to the specific needs and requirements of customers. The company specializes in unusual and complex topics. RiskMan takes care of large international corporations for which he develops unique insurance programs. RiskMan clients are demanding and aware of their expectations entrepreneurs who find in RiskMan the highest class professional partner.

FECMA was established in 1986 on the initiative of the late Sir Roger Cork, one time Lord Mayor of London and President of the UK Institute of Credit Management as a not-for-profit organisation to promote best practice in credit management across Europe and beyond.

Membership of FECMA is made up of national credit management associations, who share the vision of promoting best practice by sharing their knowledge and expertise across national borders.

PICM Content-support Partners

Become a Corporate Partner of the Polish Institute of Credit Management (PICM)!

PICM successfully implements projects dedicated to trade credit management education, including the annual Credit Risk conference, CREDIT CLUB PICM seminars, webinars, and publishes the quarterly Credit Manager Magazine.

Corporate partnership gives organizations a unique opportunity to demonstrate professionalism and high quality product offerings.

The recipients of PICM activities are financial departments responsible for managing trade receivables from companies of all industries and sizes.

What does the Corporate Partner receive?

– Awarding the title of “Corporate Partner”

– Placement of information about the Partner on the start page logo, information about the Partner, link to the Partner’s website

– Placing partner information in each issue of the Credit Manager Magazine

– Placing the logo and link to the partner’s website in the PICM newsletter (sent monthly)

– Option to provide partner marketing materials to PICM event participants

– Ability to place a partner rollup during PICM events

What is the support intended for?

Financial support under corporate partnership is allocated to the implementation of the mission and statutory objectives of the Polish Institute of Credit Management (PICM).

PICM mission is to provide valuable knowledge and creating opportunities to exchange experiences for wise trade credit risk management. The main goals of PICM include public activity for building, promoting and propagating the idea of broadly understood credit risk and Credit Management, as well as popularizing European and global solutions in the field of broadly understood Credit Management.

Interested? Ask for detailed offer:

Robert Dyrcz, PICM

tel. +48 600 093 372