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PICM Associate (PICMa)

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The PICM Associate (PICMa) membership

The Polish Institute of Credit Management (PICM), established in 2016, has been supporting trade credit and trade receivables managers for several years. Become a member of a community of highly qualified professionals, and develop your competencies.


Credit Manager’s Zone

As a part of the PICM Associate (PICMa) community, you have an access to a virtual Credit Manager’s Zone with a wide range of real, practical support. We are constantly working on extending the offer for the PICMa members.

How to join

It’s easy. Click here, register on the PICM portal and you are all set.


The first year of the PICMa membership is free.
The next year of the PICMa membership is PLN 500.00 per person.


PICMa membership gives you a complete flexibility – you can cancel at any time.



Use the tool that provides the information necessary to monitor the financial condition of contractors on the basis of their eReports, submitted to the National Court Register. It is an alternative to the traditional commercial reports from the economic intelligence agencies.


E-learning is an increasingly popular form of education, that can be done from anywhere we are. You can learn comfortably without leaving your home, using the available electronic training materials.

Online Networking

The PICM website also contains a social networking section – PICMa network of contacts for the trade credit managers. Share your thoughts and see what others think. Like or comment. Send messages and exchange the information.

PICMa Membership Certificate

The PICM Associate (PICMa) Membership Certificate confirms your membership in the European credit management community. Demonstrate your professionalism, continuous professional development and the commitment to work.

PICM Webinars

PICM webinars are an excellent complement to the traditional training courses and CREDIT CLUB PICM meetings; their availability “on request” means that the participants have a free access to the transmitted content, and can play it any number of times.

Credit Manager Magazine

Free of charge, the full paper edition of the Credit Manager Magazine quarterly. The most important trends of the Polish and world economy that help minimize the costs of bad debts.

International networking

Opportunity to establish professional contacts, exchange experiences and information with Credit Managers in Europe and in the world, through the structures of the Federation of European Credit Management Associations (FECMA).


The subject of credit management is not only the financial analysis. From now on, you have an access to full knowledge in one place. The constantly expanded library of books and articles is an interesting reading – available only in the Credit Manager’s Zone.

PICM Risk Index ©

The PICM Risk Index © calculation takes into account the diagnosis of the current and forecasted situation of the enterprise, as well as the significant barriers to business activity. This is just one of the useful indicators available.


Practical and clear calculators that are helpful in everyday work. Calculate your credit limit or one of the discriminant models. Use online or switch on a suitable calculator for your calculations. Worth checking – a lot more can be found there.

The PICMa acronym

Stand out on the labor market, confirm your competences and show your professional qualifications by adding the letters PICMa to your name, confirming your membership in the PICM. It is the only confirmation of the professional qualifications for Credit Managers in Poland.

The PICM offline events

The CREDIT CLUB PICM seminars and the Credit Risk conference are a presentation of the latest trends and practices in trade credit management. The PICM stationary events are available for PICMa with a special, attractive discount.

Discriminant models

The Polish bankruptcy models in the form of a discriminant function used to predict bankruptcy of enterprises. Check their suitability in your business practice.


NaviExport helps you sell safely on the foreign markets. It is a set of information and tools needed by every exporter. We only offer the verified information from the practitioners specialising in a given region or industry.