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CREDIT CLUB PICM - find out why it is worth it

The CREDIT CLUB PICM seminars are the perfect opportunity for the regular meetings of the trade credit risk management specialists.

The meetings

The full-day educational and networking events, enabling an access to the top-tier specialists and practitioners from various industries in Poland.

Content-related topics

Two substantive topics for discussion, always presented by the best-in-class specialists in the business.


The possibility of establishing a professional contact with the Credit Managers in Europe via the structures of the Federation of European Credit Management Associations (FECMA).


Networking of the specialists, analysts and managers of the risk assessment and debt collection departments in the enterprises of all sizes and from various industries in Poland.


Sharing the experience and best practices – something that cannot be found in the books.


A modern approach to the trade credit management, limiting the risk of the bad debts.

CREDIT CLUB PICM - find out how to participate

The participation in the CREDIT CLUB PICM seminars is paid, and the cost is lower for the PICM Associate (PICMa) members

Non-PICM Associate (PICMa)

  • Interested in only the subject of a particular seminar?
  • Register only for that single event.
  • One payment for what is in the scope of the interest.
  • Access PICM event calendar in order to register for the selected seminar.
  • With this option, the cost of the participation is PLN 899 zł net + VAT 23% per person.

PICM Associate (PICMa)

  • Budget-wise, an optimal option is to participate as the PICM Associate (PICMa) member – more information can be found  here.
  • Not the PICM Associate (PICMa) yet? Please click here to register.
  • With that option, the cost of the participation is PLN 599 zł net + VAT 23% per person.


Please reach out to:

Robert Dyrcz, PICM

tel. (+48) 600 093 372

CREDIT CLUB PICM - find out about the previous meetings

27 maj 2019

11 kwiecień 2019

14 luty 2019

Piotr Rybicki