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Credit Risk conference

//Credit Risk conference

In 2020, instead of attending the Credit Risk conference, we invite you to Krakow for a two-day FECMA congress, co-organized by the Polish Institute of Credit Management (PICM).

At the end of August 2020, PICM together with the association to which it belongs, FECMA, proposes a conference filled with the merits presented only by credit management practitioners from all over Europe. Our guests from Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Hungary, the Netherlands and Belgium will present the specificity of receivables management that characterizes their regions.

The FECMA Congress is a great opportunity to gain new knowledge and increase your competences. We invite you to the 4th European Congress of Credit Management FECMA!

The FECMA Congress will be a presentation of the latest trends, methods and practices of B2B credit risk management. The event will give the opportunity to confront their own knowledge with the experience of credit risk management practitioners, both from Polish companies and international corporations. When discussing the entire order-to-cash process in an enterprise, the substantive scope will emphasize activities aimed at minimizing the creation of difficult and uncollectible receivables.

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