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Business tendency in Poland during coronavirus pandemic

Since emerging in the Chinese city of Wuhan late last year, the coronavirus disease has spread to 185 countries and territories. To stem further spread of the virus, the national authorities around the world implemented measures to lock down countries and cities to varying degrees. That includes closing borders, shutting schools and workplaces, and limiting large gatherings. Those restrictions, which the International Monetary Fund called the “Great Lockdown,” brought much of global economic activity to a halt, hurting businesses and

4 trends shaping the future of corporate credit risk management – continued

In the last entry I described three trends that I think will shape the future of credit risk management in the company. These were: increasing significance of the prevention, individual approach towards each client, and “multi-roles” which modern Credit Manager will be (or already is) required to assume. While speaking of the last trend, I mentioned the roles of a coach (an „explainer” of influence of credit risk on financial results of the company as a whole), of a

4 trends shaping the future of corporate credit management

The beginning of the New Year is the time of making New Year’s resolutions, of summing up the past and also asking questions about the future. Is the profession of Credit Manager, which I’m practicing now, going to change, or is it going to stay the same as last year? If something changes, then what exactly? Am I ready for the change? What do I need to learn, and what should I eliminate from my everyday routine and habits of