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Corporate Credit Management


Receivables management is an important process for any business. This includes activities such as identifying and evaluating the credit risk of counterparties, setting specific credit limits, monitoring the situation of borrowers and the flow of receivables, debt collection. Proper receivables management also provides funds to cover possible losses arising from the potential insolvency of customers.

Credit Management is one of the most important and complex part of risk management in the company. It requires a wide theoretical knowledge and up-to-date awareness of current economic developments. The Polish Institute of Credit Management delivers professional assistance and intelligence in that area. Our service ranges from the individual business cases to the entire portfolio management.



The process of improving receivables and trade credit management is provided by PICM in four steps:




We start with a thorough analysis of the current situation, which will provide us with the information on how the company reduces the risk of insolvency of its business partners.



Then we design a solution that eliminates unnecessary risks and problems, and allows the company to focus on an essential part of its activities.




At this stage, use our experience, skills and knowledge, we help introduce the new solutions. Therefore we help in changing the behavior of users, so that the customer gains the greatest benefit. We continue to work with the client to ensure effective solutio is implemented.




We know that any change causes doubts and concerns. Our cooperation does not end, therefore, to implement, but continues through the evaluation of the implemented solutions.



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