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Credit Risk, 2nd June 2017


The first edition of the Credit Risk conference is over. Thanking all for your participation, I invite you to take a short look at this event.


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There is no company which do not suffer from late payments of its customers. The complications coming from time and money consuming collection process lead to serious financial issues, not only singular for a particular company, but also hitting the branch or even whole country’s economy. It is hard to count the loses standing behind payments received after the due date, nevertheless there is no doubt: we are talking about millions. To avoid that, the holistic credit management (not only collection procedures) should be incorporated in the companies’ business strategies.

Just part of the past due receivables is due to intentional payment delays of the borrowers. The majority is coming from the “infected” chain of bad payments. Especially in small business; one critical contractor has not paid and its business partner is forced to do the same with its lenders, unfortunately. What to do in that case? The key is to avoid – not to cure when the problem appears. The key is to screen and monitor the customers at every stage of the partnership.

The profitability and business safety should be built not based on complete risk elimination, which is impossible, but through risk management.

Considering that receivables are important part of companies’ balance sheets, the effective credit management plays a key role to sustain the business continuity.

Do you receive the payments from all your customers on time? Do late payments hurt your financial stability? How certain you are that your trade receivable will be paid on time, or ever? Still thinking whether credit management makes sense to you?

Why to invest in the modern credit management? And why this is crucial for stability of your business model?

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Credit management is about building and maintaining a profitable customers’ portfolio. It does not mean that we completely avoid the risk or do not accept any delayed payment terms. We think that the best customers’ portfolio is the most profitable portfolio, i.e. with very limited bad debt loss.

Corporate credit management is fundamental for every business, small, medium or large. It helps to keep company operate. But how to do that? How Polish Institute of Credit Management could help you with that? Remember: PICM is for you! → check what we can do together


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