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Polish Institute of Credit Management (PICM) is a platform for exchanging experience and gaining knowledge about effective credit risk management. By participating in PICM events, you know more and learn faster. Everything to make past due receivables smaller and smaller, sales partners satisfied with the cooperation and sales team never again considers credit risk assessment and debt collection as unnecessary administration.

PICM's offer is aimed at companies of all sizes and in every industry.

In daily work, struggling with unreliable payers, we often do not realize how important it is to look at our responsibilities from the other side, to see a different perspective, or what value an interesting conversation can bring. We do not have to open an open door or discover the wheel - just be at the Polish Institute of Credit Management. How to do it? I invite you to participate in the CREDIT CLUB PICM program. This is an offer dedicated to trade credit risk managers including trainings, workshops and meetings to establish valuable business relationships.

Everything to find the balance between the credit risk and the sales. Give you the knowledge, skills and tools to be even better in the profession you are now doing.

Within CREDIT CLUB PICM we offer:



The cost of participation in the CREDIT CLUB PICM program is PLN 900 net per person per year.

DECLARATION for joining the CREDIT CLUB PICM program is available here

Completed declaration of joining the CREDIT CLUB PICM please email to picm@picm.pl