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COOPERATION with the Polish Institute of Credit Management

We are open for cooperation with companies, organizations and professionals willing to fulfill our goals in promoting and educating on corporate credit management. Please find below the list of cooperation proposals we describe further in more details. If you are interested, please → contact us or write directly on picm@picm.pl.


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Experienced professionals could open your eyes to the new possibilities and different approaches in coping with the everyday challenges. You will not get it from the books! Membership in PICM is the networking opportunity with other corporate credit risk management specialists. We share knowledge and experiences and provide mutual assistance and substantive support to each other.   Webinar is a kind of online seminar run and implemented using webcast technology, which enables mutual communication between the meeting and participants using virtual tools. PICM webinars are a great complement to traditional trainings and CREDIT CLUB PICM meetings, and their availability in a "on-demand" presentation means that participants have free access to transmitted content and can play them any number of times.   We are open to establish a cooperation link with independent specialists or institutional credit risk management experts, accounts receivable professionals, financial analysts and business coaches. An example of joint initiatives may be workshops, trainings or CreditBlog, expert blog initiated by PICM.   Corporate credit risk management is an important part of the proper management, it is essential to maintain the company’s financial stability and liquidity. The finance teams, both in shared services and domestic corporations in Poland, need extensive knowledge and unique expertise. Credit Risk Conference is the answer to this undisputable need. During Credit Risk conference, you will have an opportunity to discuss, with experts and your peers, the most up-to-date topics related to corporate credit risk management.   Polish Institute of Credit Management offers the patronage on substantive projects related to the promotion of knowledge of corporate credit risk management. We support also other initiatives sharing our other statutory goals. Within the patronage we offer assistance in event promotion and organization. We offer a general patronage for other organizations, associations, foundations or projects.   Polish Institute of Credit Management helps entrepreneurs, professionals and managers in effective corporate credit risk management. The area of our activities covers all aspects of the process from order to receipt of payment from the customer (order-to-cash process). We are constantly looking for partners and media sponsors to support our activities.
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"Business portal" is the possibility to place an information about companies specialized in corporate credit risk management. PICM would like to promote only reliable suppliers of services and institutions supporting corporate credit risk management. Do you want to put your business card, and perhaps more information about your services at PICM website? Contact us!   Have you something to say about the current economic and geopolitical events have an influence on the credit risk of companies, sovereigns, local governments or public institutions? Or maybe you would like to share your experiences regarding credit risk management? CreditBlog of the Polish Institute of Credit Management is the perfect platform to do that!                
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