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The Polish Institute of Credit Management offers a unique program of corporate credit management training. Our offer is based on the modern theory and trainers extensive experience. We combine the theoretical knowledge with the practical applications and case studies. With the aim of ensure that the people in your organization have the expertise and knowledge to do their works well, you need learning program that hold their attention, motivate them to learn, and deliver real business results.

The Polish Institute of Credit Management understands that the best learning programs deliver not just a content, but the real value added. An intelligent assessment strategy, outstanding education tools and methodologies, deep understanding of the markets and their real impact on how people do business, insightful analysis and reporting, strong partnerships, and highly engaging instruction and support are all essential for delivering a best-in-class program that positively impacts the business results.

Our learning framework brings together all of these components in a comprehensive way to deliver optimum solutions and support. Our courses cover more than just the fundamentals. PICM courses cover current market conditions, so that we can relate the subject matter to what learners are experiencing on a daily basis. Highly experienced market practitioners keep our course material fresh and relevant.

Our training program is discussed on case-by-case basis following the below approach:


Our trainings are primarily performed in closed formula. The price and the place of the training is set individually based on the number of the participants.


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The training shows the basic concept regarding the credit risk, credit risk management methods and technics, and kinds and consequences of credit decisions. Moreover, in a clear way, the training explains the basis of creditworthiness assessment methodology. At the end, the training participant will gain the knowledge about credit risk indicators and credit events→ more   The training in an easy to understand way explains Credit and Collections departments operations. On top of that, the training discusses the credit procedures and controls of the credit processes. In that module we discuss the crucial role of the credit policy in the company, emphasizing its mission, scope and responsibilities. At the end, the participants will gain the knowledge about day-to-day ongoing credit monitoring technics and methods→ more   The training explains in a detailed way the creditworthiness assessment methodology. The first part treats about creditworthiness assessment system life cycle, its definition, data collection, rating system development, implementation, application and follow-up. Subsequently, we review all the most important credit assessment methods and technics, including financial models, empirical data based models and expert system models. → more
trainer: Robert Dyrcz   trainer: Robert Dyrcz   trainer: Robert Dyrcz
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The training is a complete overview of micro and macroeconomic factors taken into account while assessing the creditworthiness of enterprises. During the first part of the course, we go through macroeconomic environment, its elements and government policy instruments as the drivers. The second part treats about closer to the company, the microeconomic surroundings, its elements and analysis technics. → more   The training is a wide and detailed summary of quantitative measures of creditworthiness assessment process. It covers company’s financial analysis (including balance sheet, profit & loss account, cash flow and additional information) and financial ratios analysis, including profitability, liquidity, activity and leverage. → more   The training defines the basic concepts of credit risk. Participants will learn in a clear manner the basic credit risk assessment methodologies. The training will present the basic quantitative and qualitative factors affecting the company's credit profile and the importance of industry and local characteristics. In addition, classes will clarify the meaning of credit analysis and the types of external entities used in Credit Management. → more
trainer: Robert Dyrcz   trainer: Robert Dyrcz   trainer: Robert Dyrcz
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