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About PICM

The Polish Institute of Credit Management (PICM) is a platform for exchanging experience and gaining knowledge in the field of effective and wise corporate credit risk management.

Participating in PICM events lets you know more and learn faster. Everything to make past due receivables smaller and smaller, business partners satisfied with the cooperation, and merchants a bit friendlier looking at credit risk assessment and debt collection. PICM's offer is addressed to companies of all sizes and in every industry.


PICM is part of FECMA, the European Federation of Credit Management Associations. The purpose of the organization, set up in 1986, is to promote best practices in managing corporate credit risk by creating a common platform for sharing knowledge and experiences. Today, it is a network of more than 50,000 Credit Managers from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom. → more


TRAININGS: Every employer is committed to provide their employees with the development with the best current knowledge and the highest qualifications. In order to achieve this, an interesting training program is needed, which will at the same time motivate for further development and provide real added value for the company's business. The unique offering of the Polish Institute of Credit Management in the field of corporate credit risk management is based on the modern theory and wide experience. PICM offers a unique combination of full theoretical knowledge with an emphasis on practical application. → more


NETWORKING: In our daily work, struggling with unreliable payers, we often do not realize how important it is to look at our responsibilities from the side, to see a different perspective, or what value an interesting conversation can bring. We do not have to open the opened door and explore the wheel again - just be at the Polish Institute of Credit Management. How to do it? Just join the CREDIT CLUB PICM program. This is an offer dedicated to the credit managers including training, workshops and meetings to establish the valuable professional contacts and networks. Everything to find the right balance between the credit risk and the sales goals. Give you the knowledge, skills and tools to be even better in the profession you are doing now. → more


SYMPOSIUM: CreditRisk is a presentation of the latest trends, methods and practices for managing corporate credit risk. The event is a unique opportunity to confront your knowledge with the experience of credit risk management practitioners, both from Polish companies and international corporations. By discussing the entire O2C (order-to-cash) process within an enterprise, the scope of the emphasis is on actions aimed at minimizing the emergence of difficult and irrecoverable receivables. The addressees of the conference are business owners, experts and executives from the area of credit risk management. → more



We are open for cooperation with companies, organizations or people wanting to join us to fulfill our mission and goals. → see more

We are pleased to embrace the patronage of an event, where the subject covers the purpose of the statutory PICM goals. We will be pleased to establish cooperation links with independent or institutional experts of credit risk management, accounts receivable, financial analysis and business coaches.

If you are interested in cooperation with PICM, please send your proposal of cooperation to: picm@picm.pl.




Credit risk is known in every company, particularly is important in the case of companies providing deferred payment terms. Most often, the credit risk is associated with the banking institutions, and rightly so, this group of players usually use the services of financial analysts. These institutions have also the possibility to employ permanently financial risk assessment specialists. This however does not change the fact that the services of this type are increasingly turning to small and medium entrepreneurs.


Credit risk assessment is all kinds of activities aimed at minimizing potential losses. The credit decisions are based on the incomplete information, which means that it is not possible to obtain assurance as to the security of transactions, and even with the most proven methods of risk modeling, you cannot avoid debtor’s insolvency or financial loss in connection with the transaction.


Receivables management is an important process for any business. This includes activities such as identifying and evaluating the risks of lending partners, setting specific credit limits, monitoring the situation of borrowers and receivables collection. The proper management of accounts receivable provides the funds to cover potential losses arising from the possible insolvency of the customers.


Management of credit risk and receivables are part of a larger overall process in the enterprise, so called Order-to-Cash.