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Mission and goals


PICM mission


Providing valuable knowledge and creating opportunities for exchange of experience for wise management of trade credit risk.


PICM goals


→ Public activity for building, promoting and propagating the idea of broadly understood credit risk and credit management

→ Educational activities in the field of preparation for the profession and continuous improvement of qualifications for the proper performance of the widely understood profession of credit management and other professions related to credit management

→ Promotion of profession and professional development of persons and institutions managing trade credit

→ Promotion of scientific research, studies, knowledge development and publications related to broadly understood trade credit management

→ Creation and active promotion of high standards in the management of trade credit

→ Assistance in the possible creation of a professional association of credit managers and debtors' analysts

→ Creating and maintaining partner relations with other such organizations in Europe and in the world

→ Striving to develop theory and improve the practice of broadly understood credit management and related disciplines

→ Popularizing European and world solutions in the field of broadly understood credit management