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Credit Risk conference


is a conference dedicated to managing B2B credit risk in Poland and abroad. A great opportunity to acquire new knowledge and increase your competences.

There is no company in which there is no problem of late payments from customers. Difficulties with recovering money for goods sold or services performed can be the cause of serious financial problems of companies or entire sectors of the economy. Credit risk management is an important element of correct operation of enterprises, it is crucial for maintaining financial liquidity. The managers need extensive knowledge and unique competences. The Credit Risk conference responds to these challenges. The event is a meeting place and an open discussion on the most current topics regarding B2B credit risk management.


The Credit Risk conference is a presentation of the latest trends, methods and practices of B2B credit risk management. The event allows you to confront your own knowledge with the experience of credit risk management practitioners, both from Polish and international corporations. While discussing the entire order-to-cash process in the company, the substantive scope places emphasis on activities aimed at minimizing the creation of difficult and bad debts.


The conference is addressed to business owners, experts and managers from the area of B2B credit risk management, in particular: financial departments, credit risk assessment departments, credit control departments, risk management, financial controlling departments, debt monitoring departments, debt collection departments and cash management (treasury).


  Join us on June 6th 2019!
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see how it was