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Corporate credit analysis


There are various creditworthiness assessment services available on the market. But do they meet the obvious requirement of in-depth qualitative assessment which is crucial for proper identification of credit risk root causes? The creditworthiness analysis offered by the Polish Institute of Credit Management provides specific and comprehensive service covering not only the financials screening but also soft data check which is essential of proper credit decision.

The Polish Institute of Credit Management developed the creditworthiness assessment system for companies. The system comprises two areas of analysis, the quantitative and qualitative part. Based on the below listed selected factors, the synthetic score (rating) is evaluated. The result of the analysis enables to compare the companies and see clearly the business evaluation in time.


We value the credit risk based on the following criteria:


Quantitative criteria


Qualitative criteria


For the moment the methodology and all analysis are available only in Polish language.


Please contact us in order to discuss the details:


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